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The feature is available since FIX Antenna C++ 2.28.0


  • by configuring a port per single session
  • by configuring port per multiple sessions
  • by defining a single not secure port via API
  • by defining multiple listening ports via API (both SSL and non-SSL)

Configure FIX session with a dedicated port

The ListenPort parameter can accept multiple values separated by a comma. In case when it is needed to accept a session to a dedicated port the user can add all required ports to the list and ask initiators to use the provided port.



The TCP socket option SO_REUSEADDR is always enabled for listening ports

Parameters priority

The session parameters have priority over default session parameters.


Session.Default.ListenPort and Session.Default.ListenAddress parameters are used for an acceptor session if ListenPort and ListenAddress parameters for a session are not set.

Disable listening

To disable listening of incoming connections, a user should comment or remove a value for all ListenPort parameters.


Code Block
Session.<SenderId>/<TargetId>.ListenPort = 
ListenPort = 
ListenSSLPort =
Monitoring.ListenPort =

Configure an Administrative session with a dedicated port


The feature is available since FIX Antenna C++ 2.29.0


For multiple administrative sessions, specify all required sessions in session Monitoring.AdminSessionNames list with their own sets of parameters.

If the parameters do not exist or are empty, the global engine's parameters ListenAddress and ListenPort are used in the same way as for ordinary FIX sessions.


Monitoring.ListenPort does not support a secure connection.

To enable SSL for administrative sessions, the port number must be also added to ListenSSLPort.

Configure SSL listening port

The same listening SSL port (i.e. SSL context) cannot be shared between two and more sessions if their SSL parameters are not the same. Secure and non-secure connections can't share the same port.


Code Block
Session.FIXServer/NonSecure_Client44.ListenPort = 9003

Configure listening ports via API

To configure a listening address for a session use the field: Engine::SessionExtraParameters::listenAddress_


By using API, any combination of listening ports for acceptor sessions can be defined.

stopListeningIncomingConnections function

The API call Engine::FixEngine::stopListeningIncomingConnections() stops listening and closes all the ports (global and sessions ones).