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  1. Unpack into FIXEdge's root dir:
    $ unzip downloads/ -d /home/user/B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x
  2. Configure these parameters in fixicc-agent/conf/ 
    • SecurityType=RESTService
    • SecurityServiceHost= - IP address of current Linux machine with FixEdge. You can use full host name as well as IP address.
  3. set  full host name or IP address in B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x/fixicc-perm-service/conf/ 
    • service.baseuri= 
  4. Install and Start fixicc permission service daemon (need sudo user permissions). Port 8080 should be opened:
    $ /home/user/B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x/fixicc-perm-service/bin/
    $ /home/user/B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x/fixicc-perm-service/bin/
  5. Restart fixicc-agent (need sudo user permissions):
    $ /home/user/B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x/fixicc-agent/bin/ 
    $ /home/user/B2BITS/FixEdge/v.5.8.0.x/fixicc-agent/bin/
  6. Open fixicc either fill Permission Service screen or go to: 
    Edit -> Options -> Permission Service 
  7. Fill fields with default credentials: 
    • username: admin
    • password: admin
    • permission service default port: 8080
    For user with read-only permissions:
    • username: guest
    • password: guest 
  8. Press connect/reconnect 
    Status must be changed to 'connected'