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  1. Decimal

    Code Block
    WorkerCpuAffinity = 31

    The setting above exposes cores #0,1,2,3,4
    (see Backward compatibility)

  2. Hexadecimal 


    Introduced in FA C++ 2.27.1

    Code Block
    WorkerCpuAffinity = 0x1F3A 

    The setting above exposes cores #1,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12

  3. Cores-set format (like Linux' taskset command)


    Introduced in FA C++ 2.27.1

    Code Block
    # core numbers: integer values of set [0..63]
    Session.Default.RecvCpuAffinity = 2-4
    # separator character: ','
    HelperCpuAffinity = 1,4
    # grouping characters: '{' '}'
    WorkerCpuAffinity = {0}

    The settings above expose cores respectively #2,3,4;  #1,4; #0;


    NOTE: To avoid erroneous reading with the cores-set format, use a grouping of characters in case of single-core in the mask:

    WorkerCpuAffinity = 31 - it means cores #0,1,2,3,4

    WorkerCpuAffinity ={31} - it means core #31


Linux thread nameFIX Antenna thread nameDescription
1FA: TimerTimer

Several timer threads can be used for:

  • Internal scheduling events.  Stop, Start, Reconnect a session
  • Scheduling for delayed message delivery. (non-public functionality).
  • Scheduled backup logs (non-public functionality).
  • Some internal health checks (non-public functionality).
  • Timer for connection timeout checks (non-public functionality).
  • Logging of license-related information (non-public functionality).
  • Stoping the engine if a license expires  (non-public functionality).
  • Public health checks like control of used memory for windows.
  • Heartbeats, other session-related timer events.
2FA: Worker_0
FA: Worker_N


Several threads.

Session processing (receive/send) threads from thread pool used by EVEN and DIRECT_SEND modes and configuring by NumberOfWorkers parameter

3FA: DispacherDispacher

The thread that is listening and handling incoming and outgoing connections.
Performs protection from abnormal behavior (DDOS protection)

4FA: RunnerRunnerAPI class for user-defined tasks(name and affinity could be changed by a user).
5FA: AbsolutTimeAbsolutTimerPublic timer scheduling tasks.
6FA: ExlusiveRecExlusiveReceiveTaskDedicatedWorkerA dedicated thread for receiving in aggressive mode.
7FA: NewInLinkTaNewInLinkTaskThe thread that accepts a new connection.
8FA: ExlusiveSenExlusiveSendTaskDedicatedWorkerA dedicated thread to send in the aggressive mode if sending try in the current thread has failed.
9FA: AsyncConnecAsyncConnectTaskAsynchronous connection to the initiator.
10FA: DBLDispacheDBLDispacherThe thread that is listening and handling incoming and outgoing connections for Myricom DBL network cards.
11FA: Log4cpp_TCPAppenderLog4cpp_TCPAppenderTCP logging thread (TCP appender for Log4Cplus logger).
12FA: ServiceStatusReporterServiceStatusReporterReplication client's service thread which starts when required to report service status to the OS and stops immediately after that.
13FA: MsgSenderMsgSenderAPI and testing class(name and affinity could be changed by a user).
14FA: DBLIncomingStreamDBLIncomingStreamDBL incoming data thread.
15FA: DBLOutgoingStreamDBLOutgoingStreamDBL outgoing data thread.
16FA: DBLCleanupDBLCleanupDBL service thread.