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Implementation of LB Cluster solution deployment is based on ansible playbooks. Parameters that are important for deployment are defined in configuration files, playbook commands are set in makefile. To start deployment user runs command "make deploy" (see user rights requirements), "make" is a command which executes command from makefile, "deployFE" and "deployFEJ" are the main deployment commands. "Make" utility finds "deployFE" or "deployFEJ" label in makefile and runs script for ansible playbook. 

  • Run "make deployFE" to deploy cluster with FIXEdge C++
  • Run "make deployFEJ" to deploy cluster with FIXEdge Java

Distribution Package

Part of needed files included in distribution package


for FIXEdge C++

for FIXEdge Java

dba_userOracle DB++

DB Administrator login.

Database user with administrator rights is needed for adding user, create and configure database for the solution needs.

dba_passwordOracle DB++DB Administrator password
db_userOracle DB++DB user login
db_passwordOracle DB++DB user password
db_addressOracle DB++IP address for connection to DB
db_portOracle DB++IP port for connection to  DB
db_sidOracle DB++DB SID
file_consulConsul++path to Consul Agent distribution archive
file_ctemplateConsul++path to Consul template software package (ZIP archive).
fe_cluster_idCluster++unique identity of FIXEdge C++ LB Cluster
file_csConfiguration Service++path to Configuration Service distribution archive
fe_splunk_hostSplunk++IP address for connection to Splunk system
fe_splunk_portSplunk++IP port for connection to Splunk system
consul_deploy_dirConsul++path for Consul deployment
fe_archive_dest_schedulerScheduler Service++path to Scheduler Service distribution archive
fe_lic_dnlFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to license file for FIXEdge C++
fe_archive_destFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to FIXEdge C++ distribution archive
fe_rapi_keyFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to REST-API key file
fe_rapi.crtFIXEdge C++ nodes+
path to REST-API certificate file
fe_rapi_portFIXEdge C++ nodes+
IP port for REST-API


FIXEdge Java nodes
+path to license file for FIXEdge Java
fe_archive_dest_javaFIXEdge Java nodes
+path to FIXEdge Java distribution archive
fe_archive_dest_foFIXEdge Java nodes
+path to FO Java distribution archive