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Property NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value



This property is available since the FIX Client Simulator 3.3.0 version.

This property defines the number of days for which the session logs will be restored during the logs restoration process.

Possible values: int




This property is available since the FIX Client Simulator 3.6.0 version.

This property defines the name of the main FCS application window. If not defined then the default 'EPAM® FIX Client Simulator' title will be displayed.

Possible values: string




This property is available since the FIX Client Simulator 3.2.0 version.

This property defines whether the user.config file will be stored in the current user directory.

Possible values: true | false




This property is available since the FIX Client Simulator 3.7.0 version.

This property defines the path to the system directory where created Test Scenarios will be stored.

When the TestScenarioFolder property is defined with the default 'null' value all created Test Scenarios must be stored in the default TestScenarios folder within the application package.

Possible values: string




If you want to keep the order the same as in the received message, the dictionary should be updated according to the counterparty's specifications.

How to change the order of tags in a FIX message?

FIX Antenna C++/.NET dictionaries format

FIX and FIXML Dictionaries Customization Guide

Example showing how to re-order tags for the screenshot above


After the session restart logs for the selected number of days will be restored in the Events Viewer section.

Execution Report Reject


The ability to autogenerate an Execution Report (35=8) with a 39=8 message for an incoming New Order Single (35=D) message is available since FIX Client Simulator 3.8.0 version

FIX Client Simulator provides the ability to select incoming Order Single (35=D) message and automatically form the Execution Report (35=8) with 39=8 to send in running Initiator or Acceptor session in the Events Viewer section.

The following steps must be taken:

  1. Select the particular Incoming Execution Report (35=8) message in the Events Viewer section.
  2. Right-click on the selected message.
  3. Select the Exec Report -Reject action in the context menu.

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The new message will be autogenerated according to the attached FIX dictionary file using the tag values present in the initial FIX message.

The autogenerated message will be added to the Send Message section.

Referring on repeating group without concrete index

FIX Client Simulator provides the ability to validate the tags that go into specific repeating groups not just based on a particular tag but also with an asterisk (*) instead of 0,1,2, etc. when working on test scenarios at the stages “Expect”, “Expect Until”, and “ExpectThenSend.

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Managing the balance of quantities for the FIX message

When selecting “Balance quantities” checkbox the automatic population of the 32, 14, 151 tags in “Partial Fill” and “Fill” messages to maintain balance with quantities will be allowed. If Partly Fill, and Fill do not contain some of tags 32, 14, 151, the tags will be added.

In case of setting up tags with incorrect value (too big or too small), the tags will be fill in with correct values.

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Setting up delay property for separate messages in ExpectThenSend command


The ability of setting time to delay property for a message is available since FIX Client Simulator 3.8.0 version.

When selecting “with random delay from” command parameter it becomes possible to manually configure the delays between messages.  The random delay interval can be set up with minimum and maximum values, and fractional values are possible for seconds.

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The messages in “Then Send” Command Parameter will be sent after one another according to the selected interval.

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Make sure that Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable is installed. You can find it in the package: ./redist/vc10_vcredist_x64.exe