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Table of Contents

FIXICC 2.13.2 Release Notes (17-01-2022)

Critical bugs and fixes

  • [UI] [Agent] Critical vulnerabilities of Apache Log4j 1.2.16 were gotten rid of.

FIXICC 2.13.1 Release Notes (29-12-2021)


  • [UI] Support of the FIXEdge Java server was added.
    • FIX Integrated Control Center is able to monitor and manage FIX sessions (including scheduled ones) for the FIXEdge Java server. Please see the documentation here.

FIXICC 2.10.19 Release Notes (13-02-2020)


  • [UI] The parameter 'Socket operation priority' has been extended with 'Direct Send' value. See How to use SocketPriority parameter for more information.

  • [Agent] The version of FIX Admin Protocol has been updated to 3.15.

  • [Agent, UI]  JRE in package has been updated to 1.8.0_162 version.


  • ability to schedule the launch and termination of sessions at pre-defined times and dates. 
  • use CRON expressions for sessions schedule.
  • ability to specify days off for sessions schedule.
  • ability to specify time zone for sessions schedule.
  • ability to assign one schedule to multiple sessions.


FIXICC User Guide has been extended with description of new session schedule management functionality. See New-style Scheduler tab and Schedules level for details.

Known Issues