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FIXICC H2 23Q1 version is released on 12.04.2024.

New Features and Improvements

  • Drools(7.74.1version) integration to H2
    The FIXICC H2 24Q1 release now supports the operation of Drools in FIXEdge Java (1.10.4).This new feature allows H2 to manage the configuration of Drools from its side. With Drools implementation, it is possible to create a file with own set of rules and upload it to H2, allowing messages to be directed based on these rules (Check the user guide for Drools config in H2).

  • JMS TA Configuration via FIXICC H2
    The FIXICC H2 24Q1 release allows the configuration of the JMS TA adapter in FIXEdge Java (1.10.4).

  • GIT Versioning

    The FIXICC H2 24Q1 release includes the feature to store and manage configurations in GIT, rather than only in the H2 UI. This enhancement provides the capability to import and export files, sessions, business layers and transport adapters into and out of GIT. Users can select a server from the list and perform import or export operations to GIT from that server. This feature provides the ability to select a branch, commit and then export the entire server configuration to GIT. When it comes to importing, users need to first select a branch, import the necessary commit from the list, and then choose it. On the servers where sessions are active, import and export operations are possible.

Fixed Bugs

  • FIXICC H2 24Q1 release improves previous issues with unresponsive menu elements 'Clear', "Create Producer Session" and "Create Initiator Session" for Kafka sessions.  Elements were displayed, but no action was triggered when clicking. All displayed menu elements are now fully clickable and trigger the appropriate action. Additionally, the "Clear" item has been renamed to "Clear Filter".

  • The FIXICC H2 24Q1 release includes a bug fix concerning the display of Transport Adaptor information and status in the H2 web UI when using CMESTP adaptor. Previously, when viewing the session details of any TA adaptor, the correct information would be displayed briefly before being replaced by the session details and status of the CMESTP session. Also, when updating the status of any session for another TA using SSH or REST, the session details and status on the UI were incorrectly replaced by the details of the updated adaptor. With FIXICC H2 24Q1 release now each adaptor's details and status are now displayed independently in the H2 web UI. The issue of session details being overridden by another session has been resolved: when updating the status of a TA session using SSH or REST, the changes are correctly reflected on the UI and no longer interfere with the details of other adaptors.

  • Previously any wrong BL configuration would trigger endless restarts of all sessions. This was disrupting normal server function. With FIXICC H2 24Q1 release incorrect BL configurations will no longer cause an endless restart of all sessions. The error message will be logged and sent to FIXICC H2 in SSE log event.


FIXICC H2 23Q1 version is released on .


FIXICC H2 21Q4.1

This release provides the bug fixes:

  • Fixed the not updated session state in UI after the acceptor session stopped and start in FIXEdge C++
  • Fixed the rule's script compilation error due to in-line comments
  • Fixed the generating of the wrong history configuration from the BL Components
  • Fixed the NullPointerException error during the creation of the new history with optional fields
  • Fixed the random properties order in the Business Layer Component screens


  • The set of valid values of the AppVersion and FIX Version parameters is expanded with the custom value
  • The default FIXICC H2 settings were fixed to provide configuration without LDAP
  • Using HTTPS instead of HTTP to communicate with the FIX Eye agent


This release covers integration with FIXEDGE C++ 6.11.6 and FIXEdge Java 1.9.0.