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FIXICC Agent Upgrade 2.12.x - 2.13.1

  1. Stop FIXICC Agent
    • Windows: run script {FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/bat/stopService.FIXEdge1.bat
    • Linux:¬†run script{FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/bin/
  2. Replace {FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/lib/ directory with fixicc-agent/lib/ the directory from archive.
  3. Replace log4j configuration file {FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/FIXEdge1.fixicc-agent/conf/ with fixicc-agent/FIXEdge1.fixicc-agent/conf/log4j2.xml from archive.
  4. Start FIXICC Agent 
    • Windows: run script {FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/bat/startService.FIXEdge1.bat
    • Linux: run script {FIXEDGE_HOME}/fixicc-agent/bin/