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Business Layer Components or BL components are the main elements of FIXEdge Java business layer configuration.


BL components
Business Rules (Rules)
  • Rule
  • Create Session Handler
  • Rule Fail Handler
  • Session State Handler
  • Undelivered Message Handler

BL component manager

To view the server BL components:


Fig. View server BL components

BL components table view

Figure. BL component table view

Filtering pane

Allows to filter the list of BL components by:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Condition
  • Source
  • Component type
  • Enabled

Action pane

Create - Allows creating a new BL component


Remove - Removes the selected BL component

List of BL components

Contains a filtered list of BL components in the table


Figure. Table sorting and customization

Create BL component

To create a new BL component:

  1. Click Create on BL component table view
  2. Select a BL component type

Clone BL component

To clone a BL component:

  1. Select a BL component on the BL component table view
  2. Click Clone on BL component table view or click Clone on BL component details view

Enable/disable BL component

FIXICC H2 allows disabling BL components. Disabled BL components are not executed 


  1. Select a BL component on the BL component table view
  2. Click Enable/disable on BL component details view

Remove BL component

To remove a script:

  1. Select a BL component on the BL component table view
  2. Click Remove on BL component table view or click Remove on BL component details view

BL component details view

Contains BL component details:


Figure. BL component details


View in tab - Opens the BL component details in a new tab


Remove - Removes the BL component

BL component editor (Business rule)

The appearance of the editor differs depending on the type of BL component


Figure. Business rule editor

Rule priority

You can specify a priority of a business rule. The rule with the highest priority value is executed first

FROM section

The FROM section contains specified sources. There are different ways to specify a source for a given rule:


Multiexcerpt include
MultiExcerptNameImports and Global Definitions BL Editor
PageWithExcerptImports and Global Definitions (for FIXEdge Java)

IF, THEN, ELSE, and EXCEPTION sections

The business rules may contain 3 sections:

IFCondition section. A set of pre-defined criteriaOptional
THENThe instructions that must be performed when the conditions are metMandatory when ELSE is empty
ELSEThe instructions that must be performed when the conditions are not metMandatory when THEN is empty
EXCEPTIONThe instructions that must be performed when the error occurs during the execution of the instructions in the THEN or ELSE sectionOptional

Business rule binding

FIXICC H2 allows binding business rules to a given session (endpoint) by name. Also, you can view all rules that affect the given session (e.g. in case a rule is specified by regular expression or CompIDs)


Figure. Business rule binding

Bind rules

To bind rules to a session: