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Solution is designed for automatic session handling (stop/start) based on events from other sessions.

Design overview

Bellow schema describes FIX messages flow between Handler_Session and Driven_Session, and also events, which occur on each stage.

Package deployment

Package is distributed in the form of zip archive for FIXICC-H2 import.


  1. download package from EPAM's client space (contact for the access)
  2. archive content into
  3. open FIXICC-H2 UI and navigate to "Import Server Configuration"
  4. select from your laptop
  5. complete import
  6. enable Start_Handler_Session.js script

Detailed logic description

Main flow

Successful connection without any issues.


In case end user connects to Handler_Session, then Driven_Session initiates connection to the venue. All business messages from Driven_Session, will be routed into the Handler_Session.


Exceptional flows

Logout comes from Handler_Session

In case end user disconnected from Handler_Session for any reason, the Driven_Session will be disconnected automatically.
Case is also valid for unexpected break of the Handler_Session.


Logout comes from Driven_Session

In case Driven_Session became disconnected, FIXEdge will try to reconnect Driven_Session and in case failure end user will be disconnected from Handler_Session automatically.


Endpoint for Driven_session unavailable

In case end user connects to Handler_Session, the Driven_Session initiates connection to the venue, but was not able to establish connection, Handler_Session will be disconnected automatically.
Case is also valid for unexpected break of the Driven_Session.



It is possible to configure Handler_Session to listen by schedule and be restarted after disconnect only in the configured interval.

Since "DisconnectSession" command not just stops session, but also terminates it, there is JS script Start_Handler_Session.js (see in Example of configuration section) which is responsible for Handler_Session restart in the pre-configured schedule.

Kindly note, that it is required to adjust schedule for Handler_Session not just in session setting, but also in Start_Handler_Session.js

Example of configuration

Parameters used for sessions: