How to configure logging and logs rotation in Reuters Bridge

ReutersBridge provides the possibility to set up logging and logs rotation by configuring its own config.cfg and/or file.

Configuring config.cfg file

The following parameters in the config.cfg file are related to logging:


Enables daily backup

Valid values: true/false

App.DailyBackup.Enable = true

App.DailyBackup.SourceThe path to the directory which needs to be backed up

App.DailyBackup.Source = logs/

App.DailyBackup.DestinationThe path to the backup directory

App.DailyBackup.Destination = logs/backup/


File(-s) which needs to be excluded from the backup

This parameter is very useful if you work with start/stop schedule configuration.
In order to avoid request of information resend about all the deals from TOF Server by ReutersBridge during its restart, ReutersBridge  needs to remember the information about the last deal.
So, using App.DailyBackup.Exclude parameter you can exclude files, that keep this information, from being backup'ed.  

App.DailyBackup.Exclude = reuters.bridge.log;storage.xml

Configuring file

In addition, the ReutersBridge package contains the configuration file from the  log4cxx logging framework for C++ (patterned after Apache log4j). It provides a huge number of possibilities to configure logging and logs rotation.

The full documentation can be found here:

The section about logs rotation is here: