How to set up QuickFIX dictionaries

QuickFIX-formatted dictionaries are supported since FIX Antenna Java 2.24.3 release  

This feature can be activated by setting up the custom FIX dictionaries parameters in the file:
# comma separated list of custom FIX dictionary aliases
# pair of fixVersion and fileName for each FIX dictionary alias with pattern:
# customFixVersion.<custom FIX version alias>.fixVersion=<base standard FIX version>
# customFixVersion.<custom FIX version alias>.fileName=<custom FIX dictionary file name>
# example of custom FIX dictionary based on FIX.4.4
# examples of custom FIX dictionary based on FIX.5.0

FIX Antenna Java automatically identifies whether the file is in QuickFIX format.

The dictionary file must have SMH and SMT sections otherwise the corresponding error will be raised during the dictionary initialization.