Explanation of messages in logs of applications based on FIX Antenna


In this article you can find description of errors, warning, debug and information messages which may be spotted in log files of applications based on FIX Antenna C++/.NET.


  • Exception in Application::process() - "basic_string::_S_create"

    <Timestamp>    ERROR    [Engine]  Session <Session_Name> : Exception in Application::process() - "basic_string::_S_create"

    Description: It means that you've got an unhandled exception in your Application::process callback.

    Troubleshooting stepsHandle this exception or fix an error which leads this exception.


  • Myricom DBL is not supported

    <Timestamp>    WARN    [Engine]  Myricom DBL is not supported. Cannot load dynamic library: 'dbltcp.dll'. The specified module could not be found. (Error code = 126)

    Description: These records in log file are about compiler options which were used to build FixAntenna library. FixAntenna checks if Myricom card is installed and available.

    Troubleshooting steps: This doesn't indicate an issue. Please, ignore them.

  • Message queue was overflown

    <Timestamp>    WARN    [b2bits_mfix_instrument]  orders CURR CETS|USD000UTSTOM: Message queue was overflown.

    Description: This record appears when number of messages stored in recovery mode for the particular instrument becomes more than maximum.

    Troubleshooting stepsYou should increase MDApplicationParams::incrementQueueSize_ parameter or handle messages quicker.