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The Spring configuration is used for configuring Camel routes.

Two types of endpoints are used in the Camel route, namely 'from' and 'to'.

  • the 'from' endpoint is preconfigured in FEJ and must be the following: "<from uri="direct:routingRule"/>".  It is used by the Camel destination endpoint for sending messages handled in Groovy rules.
  • 'to' endpoints can be as many as required. They are implemented in Camel and can be found in the official Camel documentation.

The configuration is located in the sysconf/fej-camel-context.xml file and has the following structure:

Code Block
titleExample of sysconf/fej-camel-context.xml
<beans xmlns=""
    <context:component-scan base-package="com.epam.fej.camel"/>
    <camelContext id="<context_id>" xmlns="">
            <from uri="direct:routingRule"/>
            <to uri="google-pubsub://<project_id>:<topic_name>"/>
            <to uri="kafka:<topic_name>?brokers=<ip>:<port>"/>


NOTEEach specified Camel configuration should be started by the Scheduler.