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For details on monitoring and management by using a remote shell, refer to FIXEdge Java Administration.


The changes in the configuration will be applied after FIXEdge Java restart.


FEJ uses Spring Security for authentication purposes. Authentication configuration is located in the spring/custom-security.xml file.

File-based authentication

By default, for testing purposes, the FEJ container uses simple in-memory authentication with the NoOpPasswordEncoder encoder and plain-text credentials.


By default, FEJ provides such user roles with different access level: 

  • FIXICC_ADMIN - access by FIXICC with ALL permissions (the role is defined in )
  • FIXICC_GUEST - access by FIXICC with ONLY READ permissions (the role is defined in )
  • SSH_ADMIN - access by Remote Shell with ALL permissions (the role is defined in
  • JMX_ADMIN - access by JMX with ALL permissions (the role is defined in

LDAP authentication

FEJ also supports authentication against an LDAP server.


Monitoring and management by using the JMX technology is described in the Management over JMX section.

FIXICC access configuration

For details on the FIXICC access configuration, refer to the FIXICC & FEJ Integration User Guide.

Administrative REST API configuration