FIX Client Simulator Console

FIX Client Simulator Console will accept scenario files created in the FIX Client Simulator and provide CLI capabilities for loading and executing the defined scenarios.

Key Updates:

  1. Run-scenario Command: This command allows to input a scenario file, establish a connection to the specified trading platform, and run the scenario created in the FIX Client Simulator. It also includes optional arguments for customizing the scenario execution, such as timeouts, limiting the number of sent messages, and setting tags for auto-increment:

·        Timeout: This option allows to set the maximum allowed time for the scenario execution in milliseconds.

·        MaxSentMessageCount: This option lets to set the maximum number of sent messages after which the scenario will be cancelled.

·        Tag Autoincrement: When sending messages, the values of specified numeric tags can be automatically incremented with each sending. To do this, its required to enter the tag numbers that must be changed in the Autoincrement tags field.

·        Understanding Exit Codes: These codes indicate the status of the scenario run:

0: Scenario passed

1: Scenario failed

2: Scenario cancelled

  1. Help Command: This command displays information on available commands and their usage, making it easier to understand and utilize the console application.