FIXEdge Cluster Solution Release Notes

FIXEdge Cluster Solution Release 1

LB Cluster solution released on March 21, 2019

EPAM Systems is pleased to announce Load-Balancing Cluster Solution, which improves scalability of FIXEdge/FIXAntenna - based systems.

It allows to run multiple computing and storage nodes with FIXEdge/FA applications.

The solution relies on shared configuration and real-time monitoring of nodes/applications availability to distribute workload across multiple applications.

It reduces service downtime and simplifies configuration maintenance

Key Features

  • Load-Balancing - input FIX-session flow is uniformly distributed between active FIXEdge nodes (by now acceptor sessions only). 
  • Fault tolerance -  in case one of the FIXEdge nodes fails, session flow is redirected automatically to remaining active nodes without messages loss.
  • Centralized configuration management - including add/remove/modify sessions and schedules configuration. Command-line tool for configuration management has been introduced.
  • Centralized service management based on Consul - to provide component coordination and health checks. 
  • Shared FIX storage -  to store FIX messages and all configuration information. Oracle data base used in this version.
  • Centralized logging of FIXEdge events – events could be logged to Splunk .


Please note, that current solution release is implied to support only acceptor sessions and is available only for Linux OS (Tested on RHEL 7).


Documentation for solution is available here.