Quick setup

FIXEdge Java packages are cluster ready. Minimal changes are required.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for installation instructions and setup several nodes on different boxes. After installation, update the configuration

  1. Define a unique node name for each instance (conf/cluster.xml):

  2. (Optional) If Hazelcast Cluster Quorum mechanism must be used, then it is required to enable it and define the minimum number of machines required in a cluster for the cluster to remain in an operational state (conf/cluster.xml):

        <quorum enabled="true" name="fixedgeJQuorum">

    Please note that the minimum value for quorum-size is 2.

  3. Update the profile parameter to fej-ha in wrapper configuration (conf/wrapper.conf) to enable the HA functionality:

    # Java Additional Parameters
    wrapper.java.additional.1a = -Dspring.profiles.active=fej-ha
  4. Define parameters for FIX session replication in session configuration (for example, in conf/session/samples/s_fixDefault.propertiesto enable for all FIX session samples)

    # use the Persistence API for storing the FIX session state
    # use the Persistence API implementation with replication between nodes
    # replication timeout in milliseconds. A zero value for this option will enable asynchronous replication for the FIX session.