Monitoring Mode


Monitoring mode is used when sessions, schedules, business rules and Drools (for FIXEdge Java only) configuration should not be sent from FIXICC H2 to FIXEdge server.

Monitoring mode is available in the mode with Consul. It cannot be used in the mode without Consul.

In this mode sessions configuration will be got from file for FIXEdge C++ and from <sessionId>.properties files for FIXEdge Java. As for schedules, they will be read from file for FIXEdge C++ and from schedules.xml file for FIXEdge Java. With regard to business rules, they will be used from BL_Config.xml file for FIXEdge C++ and from rules.groovy file for FIXEdge Java. As for Kafka and JMS Java sessions, they will be read from and

FIXEdge C++ configuration

The following lines should not be added to if a user needs to configure FE C++ to work with FIXICC H2 in monitoring mode:

Components.Service.FIXICCH2.Host =

Components.Service.FIXICCH2.Port = 8080

Components.Service.FIXICCH2.ReconnectInterval = 1000

Components.Component.Configuration = FIXICCH2

FIXEdge Java configuration

The following property should be set in


FIXICC H2 configuration

  1. In monitoring mode such buttons as "Edit", "Remove" should be hidden. So as to hide them, a user should not have a role with full access. The role with read only access is required.

  2. The user should have a role with FIXICCH2.controlOperations permission as the permissions to start/stop/restart/send messages/change sequence numbers are needed