How to enable throttling in FIX Antenna Java

Configure throttling of incoming messages

Throttling of incoming messages is available since FIX Antenna Java 2.18.1 release.

Throttling of incoming messages allows limiting the amount of received FIX messages within a time interval.


If the throttling of incoming messages is configured for the session, FIX Antenna Java prevents the counterparty from sending a huge amount of messages (throttleChecking.MST_TYPE.threshold) within the specified time interval (throttleCheckingPeriod). By default, FIX Antenna Java disconnects the FIX session if the amount of received messages of the defined type exceeds the threshold.

Configuration example

Throttling properties must be configured in the file:


Optional. The property enables FIX messages throttling. If this property is set to 'true' then FIX Engine will count the amount of messages received during throttleCheckingPeriod. If the amount of messages exceeds the value of the throttleChecking.MST_TYPE.threshold property then the session will be disconnected with the 'THROTTLING' reason.

Valid values: true, false

Default value: false

Example: throttleCheckingEnabled = true


Optional. The property defines the allowed number of messages of the defined type within the throttleCheckingPeriod.

Valid values: The value must be an integer and not negative

Default value: -1 (disabled)

Example: throttleChecking.MSG_TYPE.threshold = 50


Optional. The property defines the throttling time interval in milliseconds.

Valid values: The value must be an integer and not negative

Default value: 1000

Example: throttleCheckingPeriod = 200
// Enables throttling checks mechanism

// Defines threshold for New Order messages

// Checking timeframe size in milliseconds