Deployment Schemas

Simple installation

The easiest way of using FIXEdge is running just one instance on a single machine. Instance listens to incoming connection on a specified TCP port and can initiate connections as configured. The whole functionality is available, including all Transport Adaptors and FIXICC monitoring tools. FIXICC GUI can be ran either on the same workstation (the first picture) or on a separate workstation (the second picture). In both cases FIXICC GUI can be connected to FIXEdge either directly or through FIXICC Agent. But to access all the functionality of monitoring and configuration the connection through FIXICC Agent is required.


Multiple instances

It is possible to install more than one instance of FIXEdge on a single machine. All instances work independently (i.e. have separate list of sessions, independent configuration and log files), however they can be managed using common FIXICC control application. Of course, several instances of FIXEdge can be started on different machines.