FIXEye Release Notes

FIXEye 4.6

FIXEye 4.6 is released on 11.04.2024

New Features and Improvements

 Ability to add a custom dictionary to log folders
  1. Custom Dictionary Addition: Users now have the option to add custom dictionaries to their log folders. When the "Add custom dictionary" section is checked, the "Browse" button is activated, allowing users to add a dictionary file.
  2. FIXT Section: For dictionaries of version 5.0 or above, or when attaching a transport level dictionary, the "FIXT" section must be selected. The “Application level dictionary” field is always populated, while the “Session level dictionary” is filled in only when a user needs to add a transport level dictionary.
  3. Dictionary Visibility: Once uploaded, the dictionary can be viewed in the list of files.
 Ability to pre-populate real-time watches with files and agents
  1. Real-time Watch Synchronization: This new feature allows users to synchronize files that are working in Real-time session watches, Real-time watch, and Events viewer features with those added to the main window. By clicking on the “Sync” button, all folders, files and Agents from the main window will be added to the “Session Watch” window.
  2. Manual File Upload: It is also possible to manually upload files and add Agents into the Session Watch window.
 Wildcards' support in paths

This new feature enhances file management, making it easier to upload and read multiple files at once.

  1. Wildcard Support: Previously, when adding a file it was required to specify its exact path. With this update, it becomes possible to use the asterisk (*) wildcard to replace part of a filename. This feature allows to easily upload a series of files in FIXEye 4.6. by replacing a part of the filename with '*'.
  2. File Viewing: Once a part of the filename is replaced with *, all corresponding files will appear in the main window, and logs can be read from these files.
  3. Wildcards in File Paths: It’s also possible to add wildcards to file paths for both Windows and Linux agents. For Windows agents, it’s required to manually set up the path with wildcards through the FixEye Agent Config file.
 · Real Time Files Watch View Configuration

Real Time Files Watch View Configuration feature allows to customize how messages are displayed in real time.

  1. Data Display options: It is now possible to select the preferred view type from the displayed list
  2. Custom View Types: For a more personalized experience, you can create your own view types. Just navigate to the main menu and choose the "New" option to create a preferred view type.

Fixed Bugs

In the FIXEye 4.6 Release, the non-functional "message design" button has been removed from the interface.

FIXEye 4.5

FIXEye 4.5 is released on .

New Features and Improvements

  •  The ability to monitor session state changes in real time.

    The new Sessions Watch functionality is a real-time session state monitoring tool. 

    The list of FIX (including QuickFIX) sessions selected for state monitoring will be displayed in the table format in a separate tab. The state of each session will be checked periodically, the Check Interval must be defined explicitly.

    Two session states are available: Running and Disconnected.

    A comprehensive video tutorial is available on YouTube.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when FIXEye lost focus and switched to the underlying application screen in several cases.
  • Fixed the issue when FIXEye process hung and kept the PC from reboot.
  • Fixed the issue when FIXEye splash screen did not disappear after the start of the application.
  • Fixed the issue when the 'Disable checksum validation' function worked incorrectly for FIXEye Agent.

FIXEye 4.4

FIXEye 4.4 is released on .

It is strongly recommended to upgrade FIXEye Agent to the 2.4 version to use new features.

New Features and Improvements

  •  The ability to attach custom transport-level dictionary to log files.

    The ability to attach a custom transport-level dictionary to the log file in the 'Add Files' window was added.

    Please refer to the Attach a dictionary to a FIX log file page for more details.

  •  The ability to disable checksum validation.

    The ability to enable/disable checksum validation was added.

    Please refer to the Message Validation page for more details.

  • The structure of repeating groups in exported CSV files was updated.

  • All validation errors in FIX messages are now displayed in one row.

Other Changes

  • FIXEye Agent was updated to the 2.4 version.
  • The standard FIXT1.1 dictionary was updated to support the FIXLatest application version.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when the error occurred on subscription creation via Events Viewer.
  • Fixed the issue when the error occurred on adding two log files with different custom application-level dictionaries attached.
  • Fixed the issue when session-level messages were not displayed in the log file if the custom application-level dictionary with FIX 5.0x version was attached to this log file.

FIXEye Agent 2.3.0

FIXEye Agent 2.3.0 is released on .

This version is intended to provide FIXICC H2 21Q3 compatibility.

FIXEye 4.3

FIXEye 4.3 is released on .

New Features and Improvements

  • QuickFIX dictionaries support.
  • The ability to use pipe delimiter for tags in FIX message.
  • The ability to define individual dictionaries for each log file.

Other Changes

  • FIXEye Agent was updated to the 2.2.0 version.
  • FIXGrep was updated to the 1.5 version.

FIXEye 4.2.51

FIXEye 4.2.51 is released on .

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when invalid characters in a filename led to FIXEye failure.

FIXEye 4.2.47

FIXEye 4.2.47 is released on .

It is recommended to back up the configuration file located at C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\B2BITS\FIXEye\FIXEye.user.config before upgrading. In case of issues after upgrading please uninstall the application completely including the application settings. Install and run the new version of the application and then restore the configuration from the backup.

New Features and Improvements

  • Paste the FIX message into FIXEye. Ability to paste a FIX message or the sequence of FIX messages from the clipboard or type them manually in the new data window (tab) to process the message.
  • In/Out column in FIXEye message grid indicating the direction of the messages. The column is sortable.
  • Renaming FIXEye Agent connection.
  • Searching for tags in the message details window.
  • Migrated to the x64 architecture.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when FIXEye stopped working if requested via FIXICC log is absent on the remote host.
  • Fixed the issue when the content of remote FIX logs was not displayed as localhost is selected by default when FIXEye was opened from FIXICC.

FIXEye 4.1.0

FIXEye 4.1.0 is released on .

New Features and Improvements

  • Context search performance has been significantly improved.
  • The ability to search data in files stored in Splunk.

Other Changes

  • FIXEye Agent was updated to the 2.1.0 version.

Documentation Improvements

  • A description of search options was added. Please refer to the KB page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the issue when context search or 'Show ALL' option search worked incorrectly with mixed logs.

FIXEye 4.0.11

FIXEye 4.0.11 is released on .

New Features and Improvements

  • New search mechanism: search for tags by the value and use of regular expressions. 60 times increase in search performance.
  • New license checking system: a license is checked by FIXEye Agent; FIXEye doesn't require a license now.

Other Changes

  • FIXEye Agent was updated to the version.