FIXICC Agent and FIXICC UI upgrade instruction

It is recommended to follow the steps listed below in order to upgrade FIXICC Agent and FIXICC UI.

Upgrade Preparation

  1. Download FIXICC package with its new version;
  2. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC / FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Backup your current license file (fixaj2-license.bin). 
    If your license has expired or was lost, contact to obtain the new one;
  3. Export FIXICC servers configuration: File --> Export Configuration;
  4. Backup <fixicc-agent>\<conf> directory;
  5. Prepare configuration amendments in case you plan to change any credentials, destination folders, connection parameters, etc. Refer to configuration guides for assistance;
  6. Make sure you have sufficient administration permissions for further uninstall/install procedures.

FIXICC Agent Upgrade Procedure

FIXICC Agent upgrade on Linux

  1. Stop the FIXICC Agent process, if it's running, using fixicc-agent/bin/ script. Use script if the Agent was started by;
  2. Remove the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script;
  3. Replace <fixicc-agent> directory with new files;
  4. Copy <fixicc-agent>\<conf> from backup directory to <fixicc-agent> directory;
  5. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Copy your current FIXICC Agent license (fixaj2-license.bin) to the <FIXEdge> directory;
  6. Install the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script;
  7. Start the FIXICC Agent process using fixicc-agent/bin/ script.

FIXICC Agent upgrade on Windows

  1. Unzip new FIXICC Agent to required destination;
  2. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC Agent v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Copy your current FIXICC Agent license (fixaj2-license.bin) to the new FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\ directory;
  3. Remove the FIXICC Agent service from Windows Services;
  4. Install the FIXICC Agent service using FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\bat\installService.bat script;
  5. Start the FIXICC Agent service using FIXEdge\fixicc-agent\bat\startService.bat script.

FIXICC UI Upgrade Procedure

  1. Close FIXICC if it is running at the moment;
  2. Clean up directory C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\AppData\Roaming\.fixicc\;

    See Help -> About for actual working directory.

  3. Unzip new FIXICC to the destination directory;
  4. Run FIXICC from the new <fixicc>\<bin> directory;
  5. (Skip this step if you install FIXICC v. 2.9.16 or higher)
    Import the FIXICC license (fixaj2-license.bin) file using Help -> Import License menu;
  6. Import the servers configuration from saved file: File --> Import Configuration;
  7. Connect to the FIXICC Agent with Username=user and Password=pass.

    Actual credentials are disclosed under [users] in of the FIXICC Agent.