How to handle FIXICC Agent crashes on Windows

For clients with FIXICC version lower than 2.10.7.


This article describes the steps to be taken to mitigate the issue with FIXICC Agent when it starts generating large log files (see fixicc-agent\FIXEdge1.fixicc-agent\logs), e.g.: hs_err_pid13880.log, hs_err_pid13880.mdmp.

The issue is caused by incorrect work of 3rd party library with latest Windows upgrade (means SIGAR components failing to initialize with Java 8). In order to resolve the issue, the FIXICC Agent should be updated to the version 2.10.7 or higher.

The information about current FIXICC Agent version can be found in fixicc-agent.log, see example below:

[2017-08-20 08:45:07.895] [INFO ] [main] [Agent] Agent version: 2.10.7(81244)

If your current version is lower than 2.10.7, please follow the instruction below:

Step-by-step Instruction

  1. Get the latest FIXICC Agent version from Client Space or ask to provide you with it;
  2. Stop your current FIXICC Agent service;
  3. Replace \fixicc-agent\lib folder with lib folder from new package (remove old "lib" folder completely and copy new);
  4. Replace libraries wrapper.jar and wrapperApp.jar from the package to the fixicc agent folder;
  5. In \fixicc-agent\FIXEdge1.fixicc-agent\conf\ add the following logging:

    log4j.logger.oshi=INFO, file
  6. In \fixicc-agent\FIXEdge1.fixicc-agent\conf\wrapper.conf:
    1. Remove " = ${wrapper_home}/wrapper.jar" at the bottom of config;
    2. Remove " = ${wrapper_home}/lib/sigar" at the bottom of config;
  7. Start FIXICC Agent service;
  8. Make sure that the FIXICC Agent was upgraded correctly by looking into fixicc-agent.log:

    [2017-08-20 08:45:07.895] [INFO ] [main] [Agent] Agent version: 2.10.7(81244)