How to Use a Custom Value for Tag 8-BeginString in FIX Antenna C++


This guide provides instructions on configuring FIX Antenna C++ (v2.32.1 and higher) to support a custom value in the Tag 8-BeginString. Specifically, it demonstrates how to utilize the value 'IMIXT.1.0' instead of the standard value 'FIX.4.4'.

Step 1: Updating Existing Value with Custom Value

  1. Open the XML file containing the FIX dictionary for the desired version (e.g., fixdic44.xml).

  2. Locate the section related to "fielddef" with the tag attribute set to "8". This section defines the BeginString field.

  3. Within the "fielddef" section, locate the "<item val="..." />" element. This element specifies the value for BeginString.

  4. Update the value between the quotes to your custom value. For example, change it to <item val="IMIXT.1.0" id="FIX44"/>.


<fielddef tag="8" name="BeginString" type="String"> <item val="IMIXT.1.0" id="FIX44"/> </fielddef>

Replace "IMIXT.1.0" with your desired custom value.

Step 2: Save and Restart

  1. Save the updated FIX dictionary file.

  2. Restart FIX Antenna.

After restarting, FIX Antenna will use the new value 'IMIXT.1.0' for creating outgoing messages and validating incoming messages.

Supporting Both Standard and Custom Values

If you need to support sessions with both standard FIX4.4 and your custom "IMIXT.1.0" simultaneously, follow these additional steps:

  1. Create a Custom Dictionary: Create a new custom dictionary based on the FIX 4.4 standard (or any other required version).

  2. Add Custom Value: Add your custom value 'IMIXT.1.0' to the newly created custom dictionary.

  3. Configure Session: When configuring a session that requires the custom value, use the newly created custom dictionary instead of the original dictionary.

For more information, please refer to the "Using Custom Dictionaries with FIXEdge" page.