How to configure properties with environment variables

FIX Antenna C/C++/.NET

To configure FIXAntenna properties with an environment variables you need the following:

  1. Define environment variable in the system:


    export PATH_TO_LICENSE=/etc/all_licenses/engine.license


    set PATH_TO_LICENSE=C:/all_licenses/engine.license

  2. Apply environment variable. FIXAntenna can utilize environment variables in the file, using the syntax:

    ${EnvVarName} - this construction will be substituted with an actual value of EnvVarName

    # The license file path.
    LicenseFile= ${PATH_TO_LICENSE}

It is not recommended to use environment variables for the following properties:

EngineRoot, ListenPort, Monitoring.ListenPort, LogDirectory, Monitoring.AdminSessionNames, Monitoring.AdminSession.*, AnchorFile.