Welcome page

Welcome page


For convenience, we recommend you use the Chrome browser when working in the FIXICC H2 application.

To access to the FIXICC H2 application:

  1. Navigate to the application's URL
  2. The welcome page of the FIXICC H2 application is shown in the figure below

    Figure. Welcome page.
  3. Enter "admin" into the username field and "admin" into the password field
  4. To confirm, click Submit or cancel the operation by closing the application tab
  5. To save the authentication parameters, select Remember me
    Note: Make sure the data's secure before selecting Remember me.
  6. On successful authorization, FIXICC H2 displays the following default Home page:
    Figure. Home page.

If an incorrect username or password was used, FIXICC H2 displays an error message.