How to specify multiple IP addresses per FIX Session

FIXEdge provides the possibility to specify multiple IP addresses per FIX Session.

Specifying multiple IP addresses per FIX Session in the file isn't allowed at this moment. Please use the corresponding parameter in the file: Session.<SenderCompId/TargetCompId>.SourceIPaddress.

In order to do it you should:

  1. Remove or comment the line In the file (if you added this line earlier):

    FixLayer.FixEngine.Session.<Session_Name>.SourceIPaddress = <IP address 1>, <IP address 2>...
  2. Add the line to the file:

    Session.<SenderCompId/TargetCompId>.SourceIPaddress = <IP address 1>, <IP address 2>...
  3. Apply these steps to each FIX session you are interested in.